Costa Teguise Weather

Costa Teguise Weather does not have great variation. The weather remains moderate throughout the whole year. This attracts the tourists towards the island.

The island is a mixture of sand, sea, sightseeing, sport and sun. It is regarded as the ideal spot for the summer holidays. The weather in Costa Teguise remains dry, very sunny and hot, during the summer months.

Weather in Summer

The summer month prevails in June, July and August months. During day time, the average temperature is around 28°c (degree centigrade). The sunshine remains for 11 hours, during the summer months.

Weather in Autumn

On the month of September, the average daily temperature is also around 29°c and the average sea temperature is around 23°c. The sunshine is available for 8 hours during this time. In the month of October, the daily average temperature is about 27°c and the sea temperature is around 23°c.
The sunshine remains for 7 hours in October. The temperature decreases a bit in the month of November and it remains around 24°c. The sea temperature is around 21°c and the sunshine is present for 6 hours.

Weather in Winter

During the winter months mercury falls to 21 degree centigrade, which is the minimum average temperature of the island. During this particular month the sea remains at a temperature of 19 to 20 degrees and the sun is available for just 6 hours. During the months of January and February, the average temperature is around 21.5°c. The sea temperature varies from 19 to 20 degrees and the sunshine remains for 7 hours.

Weather in Spring

Mercury begins to rise from the month of March. The average daily temperature prevailing at this time is around 23.5°c and the sea temperature is around 21°c with 8 hours of sunshine. The month of April is similar to that of March. No major variations are found. No big mountain ranges are present in and around of the island.

Costa Teguise Rainfall

Rainfall is very low in this region. During the month of January and October, slight rainfall occurs. So, these months are warmly welcomed by the farmers of the particular region. 118.5mm of rainfall occurs annually.

Costa Teguise Wind

Wind continues to blow throughout the year. This makes the sea beach very special for the tourists and windsurfers. Moreover the dry, sunny beaches with a blend of cool, constant breeze make the area very soothing for the visitors. The place is ideal for water sports. The sunshine on the beach helps to take sun bath.
Costa Teguise Weather is greatly appreciated by the tourists, due to constant conditions through the whole year. The particular climatic condition has made the place ideal for vacations.

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