Costa Teguise Beach

Costa Teguise, the third largest holiday resort in the island of Lanzarote, is known for its beaches and this is what mainly adds to the beauty of the place. The best beaches in this holiday resort are Playa de los Charcos, Playa Del Jablillo, Playa Bastián, Playa del Ancia and Playa de las Cucharas. Out of these Playa de las Cucharas is the main beach. Its soft sand and safe swimming what makes it a great tourist spot. Playa Del Jablillo is another beach known for its soft sand making this an ideal spot for snorkeling activities. For those who prefer a more quite approach to their holiday activity, the Playa Bastian is the perfect destination located in the north part of the town. The beaches are a favorite among families as it calls for a nice relaxing environment.

Each Costa Teguise beach has its own beauty which attracts its tourists. All the Beaches have their own individuality. An in depth view of the five main beaches is given below:

Playa Las Cucharas

Playa Las Cucharas Costa Teguise BeachPlaya Las Cucharas is located along the promenade, this long stretch of 600 m is one of the best maintained beaches in Costa Teguise. This beach is known for its typical windy nature with the breeze blowing from the south east. This fairly calm breeze is enjoyed by both local and visiting windsurfers.


Playa Los Charcos

Los Charcos - Costa Teguise BeachPlaya Los Charcos: This beautiful clean stretch of fine white sand and clear waters is popular among the wind surfers. The Playa Los Charcos stretches for approximately 150 m and is one of the smaller beaches in Costa Teguise.


Playa Bastian

Playa Bastian Costa Teguise Beach
Playa Bastian: This long stretch of 500 m is protected from the wind, making it a popular destination spot for the families. The fairly calm seas allow the kids to enjoy themselves without much worry from parents. The showers and sun lounger restaurants are a great hit here.


Playa Del Jabillo

Playa Del Jabillo Costa Teguise Beach

Playa Del Jabillo: This beach is the smallest of the four main beaches. This beach is also protected from the winds and hence recommended for families who have kids. The stunning green turquoise sea blended with the fine white sand makes this a beautiful spot for tourism.


Playa del Ancia

Playa del Ancia is a quiet cove that sits close to Arrecife. Like all other Costa Teguise beaches, it boasts of clear blue waters and white sand. Lanzarote’s lava flow is more evident in this beach, which contains a blend of sand and lava rocks that create an extraordinary, picturesque effect.

There a number of beaches around the town of Costa Teguise, surrounding the island of Lanzarote. However the natural beauty of Costa Teguise beaches is the heart of tourist activities and there are plenty of tourists who visit this town first before deciding to explore other locations within the Lanzarote island. Costa Teguise Beach spots are the most attractive spot within the island of Lanzarote and is preferred by locals, visiting tourists and other water sport enthusiasts including windsurfers, snorkels and scuba divers.