Arrecife is the capital city of Lanzarote Island, one of the island off the coast of Spain that makes up the Canary Islands. Not only is Arrecife the oldest city on the island, it is the hub of the arts and culture. The city originally appeared on official maps of the area in the 15th century and has become one of the vacation hot spots for many tourists because of its weather and coastal location.

Sun lovers will love Arrecife, with its warm winters and pleasant summers, tourists can enjoy water activities year round. Finding an activity, besides the many water sports available, is not hard when visiting this part of the island. Trekking off to the center of the city will find you enjoying the enclosed lagoon, El Charco de San Gines, which is surrounded by many local fishermen houses.

Arrecife surfing
Arrecife – surfing on Playa del Reducto

The island’s patriarch has a residence, the La Casa de Los Arroyo, in the city that has been turn into the city’s scientific center. While visiting you must travel to the San José castle, where the city’s Museum of Modern Art is located, as well as archaeological museum at San Gabriel castle. Both are marvels to see and enjoy for the family.

No problem with finding a place to dine outside your hotel. Many modern restaurants dot the streets of the city. You can find everything from international cuisine to the local dishes enjoyed by many of the residents.

You will not need a visa if you happen to carry a European Union passport, but check with your local governments travel department if you plan to travel from any other country. The currency used in Arrecife is also the Euro, which any bank in the city will be happy to exchange your country’s currency or traveler’s checks into.


The city does not require any special vaccines or shots, other than the typical ones all world traveler’s receive. The one thing you must be aware of is the tap water. You should never drink the water. However, you can wash, bathe and brush your teeth with the tap water, but make sure you order water from the hotel or buy bottled water to quench your thirst.

Besides knowing about the water, you must also remember to bring a voltage transformer with you. Arreciffe only has two-pin outlets that supplies 220 volts of power. Anyone traveling from a country that uses 110-volt appliances will need this device to work their equipment or charge their phones.

Arrecife Beach + Grand Hotel
Arrecife Beach + Grand Hotel

The accommodations available in the city will also meet almost any budget. From the luxurious Grand Hotel, which happens to be the tallest building on Lanzarote, to the smaller budget hotels, you and your family will be able to find housing that meets your needs. Some of the hotels even have all-inclusive packages that you can buy, which provides you with meals, activities and accommodations.


No matter what you decide, visiting this city will not be a disappointment. The population of the city barely exceeds 59,000 residents and this is about half the population of the entire island. With so few residents, you are left to roam the city without the streets and nightlife being packed full. You will find a host of nightlife activities and some of the hotels offer babysitting services, as well as activities for children, so parents can have an evening out.

Arrecife will find you wanting to come back on an annual basis, because of the limited rain, beautiful year around weather and friendliness of the residents. So if you choose Arrecife for your next vacation, you will not be disappointed.