Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise is a small town on the island of Lanzarote which is located in the Canary Islands on the coasts of Spain. It locates geographically to the south east corner of Lanzarote island. Costa Teguise, a seaside resort located about nine kilometers north of Arrecife is a natural tourism spot and hundreds of tourists flock to experience the beauty of the place all year round. Costa Teguise has four main beaches namely Playa de los Charcos, Playa del Jablillo, Playa Bastián and Playa de las Cucharas. The streets and layout of the town is well planned and there are hundreds of open areas still left to be developed. The beauty of Costa Teguise lies in the fact that it manages to have a nice peaceful and happy community feel always. The wide array of restaurants, shops and hotels cater to all tastes.

The history of this wonderful town goes way back in the late 1970’s where it was patronized by the wealthy residents of Spain and even the royal family of Jordan. There have been a lot of developmental projects going on to upkeep the beauty of the place. Till date, there are certain areas around the town which have street lights set up but are uninhabited.

Costa TeguiseThe beaches in Costa Teguise are the exception of this small island. Playa de las Cucharas is the best of them all. The crystal clear waters provide an uninterrupted view making it an ideal spot for tourist activities. There is a good range of restaurants hotel and shops in this town, that are available for dining or café spots and that suit all pockets. The Coffee and Cream Bistro Bar, Vesubio Restaurant, Restaurant Montmartre, El Bocadito is a few names that excel in Spanish cuisine. Besides these there are a number of restaurants that offer Indian, Thai, Chinese and seafood cuisines. Clock house Tavern and Cafe – Joan’s are well known for their homemade pies and these places serve English breakfast accompanied by screening of the premier league football on the large screen televisions.

Costa Teguise weather is pleasant all the year round. The beaches here are windier as compared to the other beach side resorts. This accounts for the trouble experienced by most wind surfers and other water sports enthusiasts. However weather on Lanzarote island is a boon in the summer months. The temperature goes down to 20 degrees in the winter months while they rise up to 28°c in the summer months. Most families tend to visit Costa Teguise in the winter season as the winds are calmer around this time of the year. It would be safe for any visitor visiting to expect a lot of sunshine hence carry the most appropriate skin lotion.

Costa Teguise Hotels comprise of a range of refurbished resorts that allow tourists to delve into luxury. The Albatross Club, Santa Rosa, Gran Melia Salinas, Blue Bay Lanzarote, Lanzarote gardens, Hotel Coronas Playa, Las Colinas and Sand Beach resorts are some of the best known hotels in Lanzarote . Most of them offer a variety of sports facilities along with recreational pools. The hotels are known for their excellent service and quality making them a great hit among the tourists and locals.

Costa Teguise Apartments are a great option for a large gathering, especially for those who go on holidays with family and relatives. There are a number of apartments available on rent at an economical rate. The Molino de Guatiza and the el Guarapo are a few well known rental apartments that constantly flood with return visitors. Although the El Guarapo might have a strict no kids and no entertainment zone, the Nazaret apartments and Celeste apartments are a few other names that go well with kids also.

There is never a question about what to do in this lovely resort. The number of entertainment activities like water sports, sailing, scuba diving, wind surfing, jet skiing, golfing and snorkeling are made available for all ages in and around the beach areas. Costa Teguise Holidays are aimed at complete enjoyment and fun filled adventure. The night life here is splendid and most party animals crash in to Puerto Del Carmen, one of the best known party venue. The Fiddler’s bar or the Hennessy’s Irish Bar is a must visit for those who crave for a pint of Guinness. Planning for excellent Holidays requires some time as there are a number of options to choose from and without careful study of the locations and the place, the holiday plan might just become a scrambled venture.